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Custom Cabinets

3  /  29  /  2023

When it comes to cabinets, high quality and custom made is the best way to go.  They will always fit the space better than mass produced cabinets.  Everything will fit tightly and there won't be fillers to "make it work".  We work with custom cabinet makers to ensure high quality casework, both in materials and aesthetics so your kitchen is just the way you want it.  Built to last and beautiful.  It's all in the details.  Notice the custom vent cut into the toe kick.  This is from a project in Shorewood and has a beautiful mix of painted cabinets and rift sawn white oak.

M_Gen_Con_Silver Lake Bath10_edited.jpg
Soaking Tub

2  /  14  /  2023

On almost all of the larger bathroom remodels we have done, there has been a separate shower and a free standing soaking.  We think this is a great touch.  It makes for a very classy bathroom and who doesn't want to take a long warm soak and relax?  Life is so busy these days but maybe we should all take a few extra minutes to soak and relax.  Might just do us some good.

Creating Space

12  /  5  /  2022

One of our recent projects was adding a bathroom for the kids on the 2nd floor of a beautiful home in Minneapolis. The question was where to get the space?  Older homes didn't tend to have large bedrooms, so in this case, we borrowed the old closets in each room and a small hall closet.  The door of the hall closet was between the bedrooms, and this became the new bathroom door.  In the bedrooms, we framed new closets.  The end result turned out really well!  The bedrooms still had enough room, and they gained a beautiful bathroom. It looks and feels like the bathroom was always there, which is of course the idea.

Using every inch possible.

10  /  12  /  2022

So many older homes built in the early 1900's were divided into many rooms and had many doors. The kitchens were much, much smaller, simpler and utilitarian vs todays open kitchens. Kitchens are of course a place where everyone gathers. In this home in Minneapolis, we removed a couple walls, moved a couple windows and opened a small doorway into a larger doorway. The resulting space allowed for this beautiful kitchen. It is much longer, and although still narrow, has plenty of room. Incorporating this custom table into the space allows room for cooking and dining and became a very nice open space.

M Gen Con_Lindberg3.jpg
Basement finished into perfect family space.

04  /  29  /  2021

This large, unfinished open basement was the perfect blank slate for a fun and functional space that is great for the family!  We separated the space into a large open area for movies, and for a pool table and foosball table. Added a workout room, a large storage closet, and a new bathroom.  It all came together nicely to create a cohesive space that added tons of useful square footage to this Minnetonka home.

M Gen Con_Sean40.jpg
Curved staircase wall rebuild.

03  /  19  /  2021

Now that's a staircase! The paneling on the curved wall went up nearly 30 feet and required a scissors lift carefully (very carefully) maneuvered on the first floor to install. ⁠ It was a challenge but we had fun building it!  This space had nooks and openings inset in the curved wall.  They had lights and were spaces for art but gave the staircase a dated and gaudy feel.  Framing them in and adding the simple and elegant curved panels made all the difference on this grand staircase.  The original balusters were also a bit too decorative for the new owners, so we removed every last one and replaced them with simple round steel.

Beautiful kitchen transformation in Eden Prairie

03  /  12  /  2021

That my friends, is a 17' long island with a beautiful book matched counter! Absolutely no shortage of seating, storage, or gathering space here. We removed the wall between the old kitchen and small dining room to make room for this great new space. It was a fun project with really wonderful clients.  The custom cabinetry by RJA Cabinetry and Design helped transform the space and tie it all together.  It's the perfect place to gather with friends and family.  Hopefully, we can all get back to doing that soon!

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